Ways to Wreck Your Teeth

As a dentist, I spend my time typically telling people how to protect their teeth. Today, though, I will be talking about ways you can wreck them. Below are a few of the ways, though there are more.

  1. Use your teeth as a tool: you should never use your teeth for things that are not meant to do. Your teeth are made for chewing and grinding food, and for giving you a nice smile. When you add pressure and stress to them from hard surfaces like glass, plastics, and metal, it can cause your teeth to break. When you do your roofing, stick to the tools in your tool belt and not your teeth.
  2. Going to bed without brushing your teeth: we understand that when you go to bed you are tired. It may be hard for you to stay up a couple more minutes for you to brush your teeth. However, this is one of the most important parts of your oral hygiene, so never skip it. When you go to bed without brushing your teeth, food particles and bacteria are able to sit on your gums and teeth throughout the night and promote gum disease and tooth decay.
  3. Forgetting to floss: it is important to use floss every day for removing food and bacteria from your teeth and your gum line. When you false regularly, you help to prevent gum disease and bad breath.
  4. Chewing on ice or candy that is sticky or hard: chewing on ice places stress on your teeth. We know it can be difficult to avoid chewing ice when it’s hot outside. Eating sticky candy can be rough on your teeth as well since is hard to remove from your teeth. Hard candy can hurt your teeth when you try to bite into it, or even to suck on it, it allows the sugars to sit longer on your teeth and gums. It is best to just avoid these things altogether.
  5. Forgetting to wear a mouthguard: your mouthguard is one of the most important pieces of your sports equipment. You should always wear one even if you only plan to play a pickup game.

There are many other ways you can wreck your teeth and smile. Always do whatever you can to avoid hurting your teeth. If you do damage your teeth, be sure to visit your dentist immediately.

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