Tooth Replacement

Teeth are some of the strongest bones you have in your body. Unfortunately, they are not indestructible. There are many things that can lead to losing your teeth. Gum disease often results in tooth loss, as well as osteoporosis. Despite our best efforts, we can all potentially lose our teeth.

If you lose a tooth, like my neighbor who does outdoor kitchen designs, odds are you are going to want to have it replaced. Our teeth help us keep a healthy jaw and face. They help us to look more youthful by supporting our bone structure. They also allow us to eat healthy foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. If you lose teeth, there are a few options for you that we will discuss below.

Implants: having a dental implant is the closest thing you can get to actually replacing your tooth. There are three steps that come along with dental implants. The first is the implant placement. The implant is put in place surgically into the lower or upper jaw. It is protected by a healing. On occasion, a bone graft may be required for the implant or during it. The second part of the process is the healing. During the healing process, the implant is anchored into place as the jawbone grows around it and accepts it as part of the bone. The third part of the implant is the tooth replacement. A custom denture, bridge, or crown will be customized by your dentist to fit your implant.

Dentures: if you are missing several or all your teeth, removable partial or full dentures may be your best bet. These dentures sit over your gums and around any teeth you still have. They are to be worn during the day and taken out at night. These dentures are made by the dentist taking an impression of any existing teeth and your gums and by taking careful measurements. The impressions are then created in a dental laboratory.

Bridges: another available option are fixed Bridges. These are made from teeth that are fabricated that fill in the space where you lost your natural teeth. Crowns anchor the fabricated teeth in place over an existing area that has been prepared to hold the crowns in place.



Regardless of the method you use, we can help your smile look natural again. Contact us today if you need help figuring out how to replace your teeth.



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