Pulling a Loose Baby Tooth

Losing baby teeth is a big deal, regardless of if your child believes in the tooth fairy or not. Some see this as a rite of passage while others see it as an exciting event. What is the best way to pull a loose baby tooth, though? Should you pull it out or let it fall out on its own? If you pull it, what is the best way?

As a young parent, I faced this question myself when my daughter tripped over a cord when we were doing air conditioner repair. Her baby tooth became loose but not quite ready to fall out on its own. I followed the suggestions below to safely and effectively remove her baby to. These recommendations are below.

First, loosen the tooth with firm yet gentle pressure. Wiggle it around and try to twisted a little. If you chew on apples or other firm foods it can help remove the tooth. Second, try to numb the area with a topical anesthetic such as Orajel. If you don’t have Orajel, try to use a cold rag, ice cubes, or popsicles to help with the discomfort and pain.

A lot of the grew up with the floss and doorknob method of pulling teeth. We strongly suggest against this method. Instead, simply use your fingers with a little gauze to help pull the tooth. A dentist will typically use small forceps. During the process, try to help the child focus on something else by talking with them about their interests. Try the method of counting to three but pulling the tooth on the number two. Many times, you will have the tooth out before they realize it. If the child is old enough, allow them to try pulling their tooth on their own. This way, they are able to take control of the situation and know their own tolerance for pain.

If you have problems pulling a baby tooth out, or are concerned about your child swallowing it, schedule an appointment with the dentist. They will be more than happy to remove the tooth for you.




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