How Smiling Helps You

A genuine smile is one of the few things that helps to brighten someone’s day. Not only that, but it is simply good for you to smile, and good for those you are around. Smiling makes everything better in life. Below are some ways it does just that:

You can live longer by smiling: studies have shown that people exhibiting more positive emotions and smiling more actually live longer and happier lives.

Smiling helps your heart: smiling helps reduce stress. When you are stressed, your heart has to work harder this your blood pressure is raised.

Smiling helps pull you from depression: when you practice smiling, it makes you feel happier, even if you are facing a hard time.

Smiling can help you and your pain and increase your endurance: when you smile, the brain releases endorphins, chemicals that help you feel good. This can help us to feel better when we are experiencing pain.

Stay younger looking by smiling: when you smile, your face muscles are lifted, your cheeks look rounder, and your skin becomes more taut. Smiling can become your instant facelift. Need proof? Go look in a mirror.

Smiling helps your romantic life: study show that women and men find potential mates more attractive if they smile rather than hold a straight face. So, yes, smiling can certainly help your romantic life.

Smiling helps your career and potential earnings: smiling has a huge impact on impressions at work. When you smile, you are more likely to receive recognition and be remembered in the future. You also betray yourself is more approachable and your professional and social interactions tend to be better.

Smiling boosts your immune system: as I said earlier, smiling reduces stress. Your body heals and recovers quicker when you have less stress.

Smiling helps to heal your friends: smiling can be very contagious. Generally, when someone smiles at you, you smile back. Give your friends a boost by smiling at them.

As you can see, there are many benefits to smiling. Be sure to visit your dentist soon to help get your smile back.





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